Friday, February 11, 2011

A Busy Week!

We decided to get high-tech here at ICAcres, so we added the farm to Facebook and Twitter.  I also started this new blog because we were having SOOOO much trouble with the blog on our site.  So, while I will still post the occassional update on the blog on our website at, most blogging will now be done here.  Now, after messing around on the internet for hours and hours per day (time I actually had since schools were out most of the week due to snow) I can finally slow down and work on some cleaning and more physical farm chores!

While I was busy working on the computer, Matt was busy building coops.  We now have moveable coops for the chickens and the rabbits.  Studies have shown meat and eggs from animals on pasture contain more nutrients, so this will ensure even our chickens that are seperated into breeding groups have access to fresh air, green grass, and bugs.  Unfortunately, we do not have much breeding stock for the Silver Fox Rabbits right now, so the breeding stock is still in the barn.  This summer we will have enough we can experiment with keeping breeding rabbits in the moveable coops as well.  What a great concept, for rabbits to be outside for their entire lives!  Matt is offering custom-made coops for sale, starting at $275 for chickens and $100 for rabbits.  Inquiries can be made to  

Speaking of rabbits, we have welcomed at least ten new Silver Fox Rabbit kits in the last couple of weeks.  It has been cold so we haven't moved the fur in the nest boxes for a good look, but we are excited to welcome the new little ones to the farm!

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