Sunday, March 13, 2011

Farm of the Free

When you think of a farm, you think of animals contained in their special little places.  Some are kept in barns.  Some are kept in coops.  Some are kept on pasture.  But the key to being kept is being where they are supposed to be.  Then there are the free animals on our farm.  Not free-range, but free as in little escape artists.  Our Catahoula mix dog has escaped from EVERY collar and chain he has ever been on, and he has to be on one because he has caught and eaten dozens of chickens.  (Then there is the little matter of the county leash law.)  When he isn't escaping to eat chickens, we are finding him stuck in our neighbor's woods with his chain around a tree.  Our other dog, a Blue Heeler, was found walking in the road by a passer-by who knocked on the door to let me know.  If you follow me on Facebook ("Like" ICAcres if you haven't already!) you know our pigs were found out roaming one day during morning chores, with one returning from across the street.  Our goats are constantly getting into the backyard because they have figured out how to open the pasture gate, but they stay in the backyard and return to the barn to be milked so they are not too much of a concern.  Even our brand new steers, which Matt just brought home yesterday, have already been on a tour of the neighborhood (brought to our attention, once again, by a passer-by knocking on our door). 

Hmmm, our poor neighbors!!!  The phrase "Good fences make good neighbors" would be appropriate here.

Luckily, I am married to a 6'4" wall of a man.  Matt has wrestled 200 pound pigs to the ground and literally dragged them back to their appropriate pasture.  He has picked up 100 pound goats and carried them kicking and "meh"-ing to the barn (before he realized they would return on their own).  And last night he roped and pulled the two 600 pound steers (one twice, since it then escaped from the barn) across the yard.  A team of mean would have trouble putting as much muscle into these animals as Matt has.  My wonderful husband, a literal hog-wrestler and cowboy.  I do love a man with some muscle!  I also love a good animal story, but we have decided enough is enough and are putting some money into preventing any further tales of escapes.

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