Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning and Rabbit Moving Day

I was really expecting rain today.  Why?  I had the day off work with plans to rake leaves, scoop manure, and just do some general cleaning around the farm.  The morning started off good.  The wind didn't start until AFTER the leaves were burning...good-bye nap, hello extra leaf patrol!  The house remained unburned until the piles died down to almost nothing and I could move on to manure scooping.  I didn't get quite as much done as I wanted, but I will be able to work on it a little more tomorrow.  It does always amaze me how much one can get done with no children around!

Matt was so impressed by how much I got done, he got into project mode as well.  He put some finishing touches on the moveable rabbit coops and we moved our first two bred does out.  We are experimenting with the youngest blue does.  We usually butcher the blues since they are not recognized by the ARBA, but I insisted we keep a few out of a litter last fall so we could use them to make sure nothing can get into (or out of) the coops.  Look how happy they look in their new home.

And look how happy Matt looks to finally have them there!

You can see the bottom of the coop has wood slats, which is because rabbits do not like to eat greens that are crushed, which walking directly on them will do.  The slats also help prevent rabbit-dug holes where the coops have been.  A win-win for us and the rabbits!  The coop has two nest boxes (one for each rabbit), a water bottle, and a feeder for pellet supplementation. 

Now it is time to take a shower to get this smoke-smell off of me and get to bed so I can be back hard-at-it tomorrow! 

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