Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?  Not very well, I'm afraid.  (But then, my name's not Mary, so maybe that's the secret.)  I planted.  And planted.  And planted.  All last week.  Then we went on vacation for 3 days.  We didn't plan this vacation, it was actually planned by Matt's family.  We (mostly I) had some doubts about going.  But the pigs were born before we left (one of my biggest worries) as well as a litter of rabbits (with no more due) and most of the flats of vegetable plants were transplanted, so we decided 3 days away from the farm would be a good break for us.  Our farmhand agreed to come in the mornings as well as evenings, so Sunday morning we took off for Kentucky Lake.  Unfortunately, while I was soaking in the pool my garden was drying away to an early demise.  We came back on Tuesday, AFTER ONLY 3 DAYS (I even watered them Sunday morning, so it was more like 2) and EVERYTHING was dead.  Maybe not everything.  While I was looking for any sign of life today, I think I found a Luffa and a squash.  Maybe a pumpkin.  Or maybe it was just wishful thinking, turning weeds into more than they are.  I am really upset about my Luffas.  They sounded like the greatest thing ever and I am definitely planting them again next year.  (We will also hopefully be making soap next year, so that should go together well in our future farm store!)  I am also upset about the zucchini.  I love me some zucchini cooked in butter, not to mention chocolate zucchini bread.  Mmmm.  So I spent today planting lots of seeds: summer squash, winter squash, corn, pole beans, cow peas, carrots. 

I always try to find the bright side to everything and the bright side today was this: the plants took up more space than we had planned so, since everything that needed transplanted died, Matt won't have to create a fourth garden plot.  I think.  We do still have a lot of seeds! 

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