Friday, June 10, 2011

Where's My Farm Family?

I had an epiphany today.  We need about 10 more kids.  Three of my grandparents came from huge families.  My paternal grandma was one of only three, but her husband made up for it by having something like sixteen kids in his family.  The old family photos were so chock-full of children I never actually counted them.  Another great memory of his old photos is his great-grandmother and name-sake;  she was super-short and only the youngest of the children (I would guess under 8-years-old) were shorter than her.  Anyway, enough reminiscing and back onto why we need more kids.

Today I needed to continue planting the garden, but we have people coming to look at the farm this weekend so I also wanted to clean out the barn.  And things like dishes, laundry, etc. in the house needed done.  By the time I got done with a little bit of the house and moving around chickens and most of what I wanted to clean in the barn, it was time to go pick up Chesney from daycare.  It was on my way to get her I thought "I would get so much more done if there were four or five of me".  Then I remembered an article I had read that stated farm families used to be so big because it didn't take much additional effort to raise additional food for each additional child (I have never used the word 'additional' so many times in one sentence!) but each child added a significant amount in labor. 

I figure 10 more kids should do us fine.  Of course, we would have to wait for each one to grow up, so maybe we should look into the adoption of older, farm-experienced children.  It would definitely save time and Matt doesn't want any more biological children.  (He is worried about genetic and/or birth problems; who isn't in this day and age?)  Of course, with more children we would need more rooms in the house.  And the cost of utilities would go up...and food costs, even though we produce all of our own meat, eggs, and milk now.  And we would need a small bus to drive everyone around.  (With the cost of fuel, who can afford that?)  Looks like I will just have to find a way to be several places at once.  Or find a way to never sleep.  Imagine what I could get done with that extra 5-8 hours per day!

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