Friday, June 3, 2011

Sore... Dirty... Tired....

For the past two days I have been transplanting vegetables from flats in our sunroom to garden plots outside.  All day each day.  And it's over 90 degrees.  And I'm not even halfway through the flats.  Then we STILL have actual seeds to plant.  AHHHH. 

I detassled from age 13-16.  (Those of you from Illinois will remember detassling!  For everyone else, you walk through a field and literally pull the tassle off thousands of corn plants in order to make sure the plants are only pollinated by the "male" row.  It is used to create seed corn and new hybrids.)  I used to see corn whether my eyes were open or closed, whether I was awake or asleep, whether I was in a corn field or not.  I am starting to feel like that now.  I close my eyes and I still see rows of tiny eggplants and squash.  At least I am that much closer to being done for the season!

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